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SerratedSkies-Faded Crystal Crystal Empire Theme(Original MLP Music)

This song is in Honor of both bloom and the crystal empire

What bloom looked like

Bloom was my first friend on Animal Jam. He was great and amazing. But now he is gone...

Gift he sent me[]

Went I was a non member he sent me a gift. I didn't know what it was, due to the fact that non members cant open gifts, but when i became member, i opened the gift and I got a pink top hat. I'm gonna keep that top hat, its the only thing left of him.

Beta Days[]

When I joined in the beta days i had no friends so after a cuple days I got suspended for being on for too long. So I left Animal Jam. Two to Three years later, I rejoined due to losing my old Webkinz. That's how Kuromi1000 came to be. I meet Bloom when I was at the cruiise ship party. We became friends and the last thing he said to me was see you tomorrow! After that I never saw him ever again sadly... :(