One day in a wonderful day in the magic land of equestria, lived many colorful ponies. Some were nice, some were mean, and some were neutral. Nice ponies loved to help out in festivals, loved doing positive activities, and helping a friend when they are upset. Mean ponies loved to tease people to make them feel bad, go againest their friendships, and be the best of the best and the only one that matters. Neutral ponies don't really help out in anything, but they are not rude about it. They don't tease people at all either, but they kinda go along with it in a way. They pretty much just care about their live and themselves, but are not selfish about it. But one day, Twilight Sparkle, who was a nice pony, was hosting a party at the town square of harmony. She invited lots of ponies. She was not too girly, but girly enough being a pony princess. She was a purple pony with long, curly hair that was indigo with purple and pink highlights in it, big violet eyes, a horn and somes wings that had rainbow sparkles on them, She also wore a white shirt, a rainbow skirt, a yelllow crown with pink, blue and purple gems on it, black shoes, and a rainbow necklace. On that same day Pinkie Pie, who wasn't nice, mean, or neutral, was testing her new acer bow and arrows. She was hitting targets with her bow and arrows. Dispite her name, Pinkie Pie was an expert archer. She was not all girly like most ponies. She was a tomboy, but she still liked pink. She was a pink pony with short straight hair that was dark pink with green highlights, big blue eyes, she also wore a black leather jacket, boots, leggings, and she also wore her bow and arrows. But then, out of the blue, BEMYVALENTINES CAME ALONG! He was trying to destroy equestria! He captured Fluttershy first, since she wasn't a big threat. Then he got Rainbow Dash, Applejack, and the mean Rarity all at once! He locked them in a cage together as he brought them to his dungeon! Then he kept capturing more and more ponies until there were very few left. But then, Pinkie Pie grabbed Twlight Sparkle and they hid in a bush. "Twilight, I have a plan to escape!" whispered Pinkie Pie. "How can we escape if we are some of the very few ponies left?!" whispered Twilight Sparkle. "We go through that big portal in front of us, ok?!" whispered Pinkie Pie. "Ok!" whispered Twilight Sparkle. So they ran into the portal and escaped! After that bemyvalentines did captured everyone else until equestria was empty. Meanwhile, two girls were in the woods. There names were Crystal Reed and Diamond Empire. Crystal Reed like to use her bow and arrows, much like Pinkie Pie. And Diamond Empire was not too girly, but girly enough, much like Twilight Sparkle. They were both named after gemstones, but they have different last names, so therfore they are not related to each other at ALL. But they are bffs however. "Look Diamond, I can shoot my bow and arrows 7 miles away from us! Then, it will hit that tree over there!" said Crystal Reed. "Cool! Can you show me any other tricks?" said Diamond Empire. "Not right now, maybe later. Lets go back, its getting pretty dark out!" said Crystal Reed. "Oh, ok." said Diamond Empire. But then, they heard Pinkie Pie and Twilight Sparkle falling back in the woods. They had to make sure they weren't hurt or injured. So the two girls checked to see what fell in the woods, and they were shocked to see two ponies instead of a cut down tree or something like that. "What, who are you guys?" said Twilight Sparkle. "Oh my name is Diamond Empire, and thats my best friend Crystal Reed. "I'm Twilight Sparkle, and thats my bff Pinkie Pie!" said Twilight Sparkle. Wanna go to the local ice cream palor? I heard they have new flavors of ice cream this month!" said Diamond Empire. "OMG OMG I LOVE SUGAR!!!!!!" said Twilight Sparkle. "OMG OMG ME TOO!!!!!!!!!!!" said Pinkie Pie. That's one thing Pinkie Pie and Twilight Sparkle have in common, they both love anything with sugar in it. Like cake, cookies, cupcakes, brownies and ice cream! "Ok then, we can go now!" said Crystal Reed. So they went out of the forest and went to the local ice cream palor. It was called the Ice Cream Surpreme. So when they went instead the ice cream shop, the ponies had trouble picking an ice cream flavor to enjoy. After that, Pinkie Pie decided to have the marshmellow mix, and Twilight had the popcorn pop! Crystal Reed had some Chocolate ice cream, and Diamond Empire has some Peppermint swirl ice cream. After that they said goodbye and went home. "Now whose gonna take these ponies home?" wondered Diamond Empire. "How about this, since both me and Pinkie Pie know how to use a bow and arrow, I will take her home. You take Twilight Sparkle because you are both not too girly, but enough girly!" suggusted Crystal Reed. "Wait, how did you know their personlities?!" asked Diamond Empire. "Well, Pinkie Pie is wearing a bow and arrows on her back so she must know how to use it. And Twilight Sparkle is wearing girly clothes, but not too girly, but enough girly!" answered Crystal Reed. "Ok then, Twilight Sparkle, come with me while Pinkie Pie goes with Crystal ok?" said DIamond Empire. "Ok!" said Twilight Sparkle. "Goodnight!" said Crystal Reed. The next morning was a wonderful morning, the sky was blue, the birds were churping, and there was only one cloud in the sky. But it was also a day of sorrow, IT WAS THE LAST DAY OF SUMMER! Crystal Reed woke up shocked, and after she was done eating breakfeast, getting dressed, and brushing her teeth, she grabbed Pinkie Pie and and they went to the woods to use the bow and arrows again. Diamond Empire made it up 5 minutes late but still made it with Twilight Sparkle. "So Pinkie Pie, Do you have any skills you can show me?" asked Crystal Reed. "Yes I do have some skills!" answered Pinkie Pie. Pinkie Pie then aimed her bow. It went over 90000000000 ft and hit a bush in another country, possibly Australia. "Wow, your better at using the bow and arrows than me! I am shocked!" said Crystal Reed. "Oh that wasn't my BEST skill!" said Pinkie Pie. "Earlier I was aiming at targets normally, something I wouldn't usually do!" said Pinkie Pie. "What? You weren't doing that when we saw you guys for the first time!" said Crystal Reed. "It's because we had a backstory all this time." said Twilight Sparkle. "Cool! Can we hear it?" asked Diamond Empire. "Sure!" said Twilight Sparkle. "We used to live in equestria. There were three catagories of ponies. There were nice ponies, mean ponies, and neutral ponies! I was a nice pony, while Pinkie Pie didn't have a catagory. I was hosting a party at the town square, while Pinkie Pie went out to bow. However, Bemyvalentines came and captured all of the ponies! But however, me and Pinkie Pie found a portal and escaped. The portal led us here in the woods, and I don't know if we should go back and help our friends! And that was our backstory! said Twilight Sparkle. After a long day of using the bow and arrows, Pinkie Pie and Crystal Reed went home to relax while Diamond Empire and Twilight Sparkle went home to make outfits for Twilight Sparkle. "Look at this one, its a school outfit for the first day of school! Do you like it?" asked Diamond Empire. The outfit had a white shirt with a purple skirt and black shoes. "Its amazing, but it just needs a few more touches! said Twilight Sparkle. With her rainbow magic, Twilight Sparkle make the skirt rainbow, with the addition of a rainbow bow for her mane. After that Diamond Empire and Twilight Sparkle put on the pajamas and went to bed. The next day was the first day of school. It was a dreadful day for Crystal Reed, who enjoyed archery this summer. When she woke up she realized that things aren't gonna be the same with Pinkie Pie around. So she just took Pinkie Pie and put an oversized sweater on her. Pinkie Pie could hardly move! The sweater was green with pink ruffles on it. Crystal Reed used to wear it until she was six. Her grandmother gave it to her when she was a baby. Crystal Reed then was in a rush to get ready for school! Then she rushed out the door to realize that the bus left one minute ago, "NO!!!!!!!!!!!" yelled Crystal Reed. "I have an idea, we could use my archer skills to get to school before the bus!" said Pinkie Pie. "I have the acer bow, its brand new and works very well! It can teleport you when you use it to the target it went! said Pinkie Pie. "Ok.... I guess...." said Crystal Reed. So Pinkie Pie used her bow and it shot the school building. And then they teleported to school. They beat the bus, But Diamond Empire was already there, with Twilight Sparkle in her new outfit. "Hi Crystal!" said Diamond Empire. "HOW DID YOU GET HERE?!" said Crystal Reed. "Oh, Twilight Sparkle used her magic to teleport me here!" said Diamond Empire. "Oh....." said Crystal Reed. "Pinkie Pie, why are you wearing an old sweater!" said Twilight Sparkle. "Well, this used to be Crystal's sweater until she got too big for it." said Pinkie Pie. "Maybe I can glam it up!" said Twilight Sparkle. "No don't! It is special to me!" said Crystal Reed. "Oh ok, I will make something from scratch then!" said Twilight Sparkle. So Twilight Sparkle used her magic to make something that Pinkie Pie would like. In the end, It turned out good. The shirt was white and the jacket that come with it was gray. It also had boots that were grey and the shirt said DEAL WITH IT. "I love it! Thank you thank you thank you!" said Pinkie Pie as she was hugging Twilight Sparkle really tight. After Pinkie Pie put the outfit on, the kids on the bus were here and it was time to go to class. When Crystal Reed and Diamond Empire came to see what class they were put in, the good news is that they were together as usual. The bad news is that they got the strictist in the world, Mrs.Greenhatten. When they went into class they were trying to find seats. In the end, they sat next to each other. In the class, there were no distractions in class. So Diamond Empire had to put Twilight Sparkle in her locker, but she gave her things to do like read and study, play with a calculator, draw and color, or use the internet with Twilight Sparkle's Glitter Glam laptop. Twilight Sparkle also has Windows 7, so her computer has the classic start up screen. But as for Crystal Reed, she put Pinkie Pie under her desk so they can mess around later. "Ok class, I hope you enjoy your seats because these are your permenent seats." said Mrs.Greenhatten. "NO!!!!!!!!" said a random boy in green. "Ok class, whats 122392 plus 68903?" asked Mrs.Greenhatten. "191295" answered Diamond Empire. "Correct!, whats 347498 minus nothing?" said Mrs.Greenhatten. "Your face!" answered Crystal Reed. "Ya!" said Pinkie Pie. "Stop fooling around! That's it! You are staying after school tonight! Keep it up and you will get after school tomorrow as well!" said Mrs.Greenhatten. "LA LA LA I CAN'T HEAR YOU!" said Crystal Reed. "That's it, you have after school for the rest of the week then!" said Mrs.Greenhatten. "Fine." said Crystal Reed. After math it was time for language arts. In language arts Crystal Reed was doodling on her language arts notebook, in science Crystal Reed said science was boring, and in art class she painted the walls! So therfore she got detention for recess as well and was forced to clean up the paint on the walls in art class with nothing but soap and water. "This day stinks!" said Crystal Reed at lunch time. "It isn't that bad, you only need to behave more!" said Diamond Empire. "But I hate school!" said Crystal Reed. "I do too, but I try my best and get it over with!" said DIamond Empire. Then the bell rang at it was time for recess. All the kids went outside, well, except for Crystal Reed, who was washing the paint off the walls for the whole entire recess time. "Ugh I hate school!" said Crystal Reed. "I have never been in school, ponies don't go to school!" said Pinkie Pie. "Ok then..." said Crystal Reed. When after school detention was over, Crystal Reed decided to run away from home. She brung Diamond Empire with her as well. "Diamond Empire, this Earth doesn't matter anymore, we must run away." said Crystal Reed. "But wouldn't ouur parents worry about us? asked Diamond Empire. "We will return one day, but for now, we must run!" said Crystal Reed. "I brought the ponies with us!" said DIamond Empire. "Good, I got all my stuff and your stuff too!" said Crystal Reed. So then the girls and the ponies ran and ran and ran until they found two tunnels. "Which tunnel will we take?" wondered Diamond Empire. "I will go through the first one, you go through the second one, ok?" said Crystal Reed. "Ok!" said Diamond Empire. So when Crystal Reed and Diamond Empire went into the tunnels, they ended up in the same place. In that place they found another pony. Except she was a pegasus, much like Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash were. She had a light purple body with black, wavy hair. She had brown eyes and she wore a black rag on her. "Hello there? Who are you?" asked Twilight Sparkle. "Oh well, my name is Melody..." said Melody. "Your outfit needs a LOT of glam!" said Twilight Sparkle. Twilight Sparkle then made her outfit become a white dress with a light purple and black musical notes on it. Her wings then had black and white sparkles on it. "So, do you live with anyone?" asked Pinkie Pie. "Nope!" said Melody. "Lets go home, oh and also, can I bring you home?" asked Diamond Empire. "Sure!" said Melody. So they went home. Diamond Empire made a school outfit for Melody as well. But things weren't going so well for Crystal Reed however. "Crystal Reed! How dare you get after school detention! That's it! You are grounded for a week! No archery for that week!" said Crystal Reed's mom. Her mom then took away her bow and arrows. And Crystal Reed then went to bed early. The next day was dull and gloomy, it was raining outside, there was a chance of thunderstorms and maybe even a tornado! Crystal Reed got ready to run away yet again except this time, she was never coming back, ever. She packed all of her bags and even stole her bow and arrows from her mom while she was sleeping. She then told Pinkie Pie and they ran off together to tell DIamond Empire, Twilight Sparkle, annd Melody as well. When Diamond Empire was sleeping, Crystal Reed woke her up. It was 3 in the morning, the perfect time to run away from home forever. "Diamond, wake up!" said Crystal Reed. "What is it, Crystal! Its 3 in the morning!" said Diamond Empire. "Go pack your bags, were running away again, except this time, we are never coming back, ever." said Crystal Reed. "Ok then....." said Diamond Empire. Diamond Empire then packed all of her bags and brought Twilight Sparkle and Melody with her. The girls then arrived in the woods. They kept running and running until they reached a portal. "Go in, its the only way out of here!" said Crystal Reed. "Ok then!" said DIamond Empire. And then they all went in the portal, bringing everything with them. After that, they landed in a land called candyvillage. It was all filled with yummy sweats and treats! The grass tasted like mints, the trees were lollipops, and the path way was peppermint stone! "So, YUMMY!" said Pinkie Pie. Pinkie Pie usually wasn't that cheerful, but she did have a sugar rush. It wasn't a bad thing at all! A fellow marshmellow came and greeted the gang. "Welcome to candyvillage. We have lots of candy here. But you know your NOT here to eat all day long, you are on a quest to find the hidden temple of wishes! You can have a little bit of candy here, but not too much or you could get sick. Enjoy!" said the fellow marshmellow. "Yum, so much candy!" said Twilight Sparkle. Twilight Sparkle also had a little bit of a sugar rush, but not as high as Pinkie Pie did. Then the two ponies grabbed a little bit of candy. "Im not in the mood for candy right now, maybe later." said Melody. Melody was the only pony not captured to not have a sugar rush AT ALL. "So, what now?" asked Diamond Empire. "Maybe we should go check out that giant chocolate pool over there!" said Crystal Reed. So the two girls went to the chocolate pool along with the three ponies. "Umm Crystal, I found this candy cane key over here!" said Pinkie Pie. "Cool, you can have it!" said Crystal Reed. So Pinkie Pie grabbed the key, and then, suddenly, the fellow marshmellow came back once again! "Girls, you have collected the first key to the hidden temple of wishes. You will now have to enter this portal the find the next key. Good luck!" said the fellow marshmellow. So they went through the portal and found themselves in fashion city. "OMG OMG I SO LOVE THIS PLACE!" said Twilight Sparkle. "I do as well!" said Diamond Empire. A teen girl came to greet them. "Welcome to like fashion city! It's like so glam here! But remember, we are NOT here to like shop. We are on a like quest remember?! We need to find the like keys to the like temple of wishes! Good like luck!" said the teen girl. "Lets shop a little bit!" said Diamond Empire. "Ok!" said Twilight Sparkle. So then Diamond Empire and Twilight Sparkle were shopping and found wonderful outfits, and Twilight Sparkle added more glam to them. "Look! I found this beautiful blue dress with fish on it!" said Diamond Empire. "Cool, but I can use my glam magic to make the fish move and bubbles to surround the dress!" said Twilight Sparkle. So then Twilight Sparkle made the fish on the dress move and bubbles to be moving in the background. But then, they found a necklace with a key on it. "This must be the key!" said Diamond Empire. "I will wear it!" said Twilight Sparkle as she used her magic to put more sparkles to the key necklace. But when they came back, they found a wonderful multi-colored bracelet on the ground. It also sparkled. "I will get it!" said Twilight Sparkle. Twilight Sparkle then put the bracelet on and it shined even more. It was her souvenir for fashion world. And then the teen girl appeared again. "Congrats girls, you like found the next like key! It is so like glam here isn't it? I so like love it here! Now you will like go find the next like key ok? Now go through the like portal! Good like luck!" said the teen girl. So they entered in the portal and found themselfs on top of a giant piano. Then they heard a voice. "I have a game for you guys, in order to get the key, you have to unlock the combitnation by jumping on the keys of the piano! Good luck!" said the voice. "Oh this is gonna be so easy!" said Melody. When everybody else tryed to unlock the combitnation, they failed. But not Melody, she kept playing and playing until she unlocked the combitnation and got the key. The key was black and was shaped like a musical note. "Congrats guys! You have unlocked the third key! Since you are halfway through your quest, I give you a pony I have saved from Bemyvalentines. I sadly only saved this pony. Good luck on your rest of the quest!" said the voice. The saved pony was a unicorn, like 25/100 percent of the pony population is. She was mint green with a dark blue puffy mane and tail, she had light green eyes, and she wore a dress that was dark blue with a plain old broken belt. Her name was Seaside. "Her outfit is mostly okay, but her belt needs to be fixed and more glam!" said Twilight Sparkle. Twilight Sparkle then made Seasides belt sparkle. She also made her dress sparkle. Then she made her horn have dark blue sparkles on it. "What is your name, anyway?" asked Twilight Sparkle. "My name is Seaside, I live on the sapphire blue bay. I am the only pony that lives there I was detected by Bemyvalentines. I was then captured. But luckly I was saved by that voice. Now I belong to you guys!" said Seaside. "Since Diamond Empire already has two ponies and I have one, I will take her!" said Crystal Reed. "Now you guys will go on your quest again tomorrow, but tonight I will teleport you to the land of pillows and blankets. You will search for the key there tomorrow. But for tonight, you will sleep there. Goodnight!" said the voice. So then the voice teleported them the the land of pillows and blankets as they fell to sleep. When they woke up in the morning, Seaside felt something on her pillow. "I think I feel something metal!" said Seaside. When Seaside check to see what it was, she found a white key. "I think I found the next key!" said Seaside. "Yes you have indeed!" said the voice. "Now Seaside, you will be send back to sapphire bay, unless it isn't ruled over by Bemyvalentines yet. So everyone else, good luck! Oh and Melody, you can take Seasides key for her. Bye!" said the voice. Seaside then vanished while the next portal was opened, The girls and the ponies went inside the portal and fell into a place fulled with portals. "Welcome everyone! You need to find the portal that leads to the hidden temple of wishes. If you do, you will get not one, but two keys. If you don't, you and your ponies will be captured by Bemyvalentines! Good luck!" said an evil sounding voice. "I know how to read portals!" said Melody. "How do you know?" said Crystal Reed. "I have lived in that cave for 5 years, and there are hidden portals there! So thats how I know!" said Melody. "Ok then, where IS the correct portal!" said Crystal Reed. "The correct portal is the one with a blue outline with a lighter blue inside with a magic wand on it!" said Melody. So they went inside that portal and it lead them to the temple of wishes. "Congrats, you have gotten the last two keys, now unllock the hidden temple of wishes and make a wish!" said the voice. So they all unlocked the hidden temple of wishes. "Yay! We are finally here!" said Diamond Empire. "Yup!" said Crystal Reed. "Now make a wish, all of you!" said the voice. "I wish that recess was longer for us forever!" said Crystal Reed. "Wish granted!" said the voice. "I wish I could be treated like royality but I won't be too diva about it!" said Diamond Empire. "Wish granted!" said the voice. "I wish I could be better with my bow and arrows!" said Pinkie Pie. "Wish granted!" said the voice. "I wish I could have the best magic in the universe!" said Twilight Sparkle. "Wish granted!" said the voice. "Melody, as for you, I have a question for you. Would you rather have equestria fixed with you three ponies leaving Crystal Reed and Diamond Empire. Or would you rather you three live here and never go back to equestria ever again and not fixing equestria?" asked the voice. "My answer would be, living here without equestria again!" said Melody. "As you say!" said the voice. So then everyone was teleported back to bed at there homes like the quest never happened. So when Crystal Reed woke up, it was still raining and pouring, but it was time for the second day of school. "Guess what Pinkie Pie, me and Diamond have recess for a longer time then the rest of the class!" said Crystal Reed. So when the bus came to pick Crystal Reed up, it stopped raining. At recess that day, when everybody else went back to class, Crystal Reed and Diamond Empire were still out there! They had an extra hour of recess, and the ponies were having recess with them! Well, except for Seaside. She was back at sapphire bay forever. But even know there was no more equestria, Pinkie Pie and Twilight Sparkle had more fun than ever! And Melody was a great addition to the gang! And they had the best recess ever. The end.

The story has been finished. The story is now over. But still, whatever you do DON'T edit this story.

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