She Doesn't Have Forever [edit | edit source]

  "STELLA EVERS GET YOUR BUTT UP OFF UR BED!" Of course, my mother, yelled. I groaned. Today is the first day of school and well people are gonna make fun of me I bet!  As I walked to my mirror I can see a girl with Auburn hair and crystal blue eyes with slightly tanned skin. I sighed. When I changed into my overralls with a nice white shirt with a pile of books stacked up onto each other in the front of my shirt i went downstairs to put on my Chuck Taylor's and went into my Gray Lexus. FUDGE CAKES! I FRIDDGIN FORGOT TO EAT MY BREAKFAST! Ehh, oh well. This is gonna be a long school year...

                                                                         Chapter 1 ~ New School & New Life

Hello Ma'am! Im here to pick up my class schedule and some other stuff?" I say while I randomly tap my fingertips on the marbled desk "Stella Evers, right? Ok here's your class schedule, map of the school, and locker combination! Good luck!" the old looking lady informs me. Good luck? Why is there something bad-

"OOMPH! Oh my gosh, Im so so sorry! Please, dont kill the innocent people!" I apologize to whatever I stumbled upon. Please note the sarcasm!

"Well, you better be! Now get out of my way!" I look up to see a guy who was about 6'3 yelling at me and shoving me down so he can go to where ever God knows where he's going!

I walked over to my locker and looked down at my schedule

                                                                To be continued! Whatever you do, DO NOT EDIT THIS

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